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Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens operate exclusively for the preparation of takeout and delivery food, hosting multiple brands, allowing customers to order different dishes from various brands through a single delivery platform.

UX/UI Design
Figma, Photoshop
Ghost kitchen

User eXperience

Cibus, the app for Ghost Kitchens, offers an exceptional user experience with an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation through various culinary options.

The app features a visually appealing homepage with popular dishes and special offers. The robust search function allows filtering by cuisine type and dietary preferences. The ordering process is straightforward, with flexible payment options.

Real-time order tracking enhances transparency and satisfaction. Detailed profiles of dishes and brands help users make informed choices. Personalized recommendations further enhance the experience, making Cibus a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for ordering from ghost kitchens.


User Interface

This screen from the Cibus app showcases a clean and well-structured UI design, emphasizing ease of use and visual clarity. The color palette is dominated by purple, yellow, and white shades, creating a pleasing contrast and a modern look.

The home page features the most ordered categories in large, recognizable icons, allowing users to find what they are looking for easily. The "Start" button is prominently highlighted, encouraging user action. Labels such as "Fast and reliable" and "Well-packaged" provide immediate feedback on service quality, enhancing user trust.

Work Flow

This image represents the workflow design of the Cibus app, highlighting the user navigation and interaction flow.

The UI/UX design has been carefully developed to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience. The screens depict various steps from opening the app to selecting dishes, confirming the order, and tracking the delivery. The arrows indicate the user's logical path, facilitating understanding of interactions and decision-making processes.

This design approach ensures that each step is clear and user-friendly, optimizing user time and satisfaction.