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Vet24 SaaS

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Revolutionizing Veterinary Care: Internal SaaS for Vet Clinics

This project is designed specifically for veterinary clinics, offering an advanced Internal SaaS solution that streamlines clinic operations and enhances patient care. This comprehensive prototype integrates seamlessly into the clinic's workflow, providing tools for appointment scheduling, patient record management, inventory tracking, and billing.

With a user-friendly interface and robust features, veterinary staff can efficiently manage their daily tasks, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional care to their animal patients. The Internal SaaS solution is built to meet the unique needs of vet clinics, ensuring improved productivity, better organization, and a higher standard of service.

UX & UI Designer
Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

Video Demo

Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the SaaS allows veterinary staff to focus on animal care, minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks.

Easy Access

This screen displays the "Appointments" section of the SaaS software developed for veterinary clinics. Appointments are listed with details such as time, type of visit, patient's name, and owner's name, the appointment status (completed, canceled, pending), and icons representing the type of animal. Options to view visit history, medical records, and owner information are clearly indicated, providing easy access to necessary information.

UX/UI  Style

This screen from my prototype evaluation of the SaaS for veterinary clinics exemplifies intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX design. The "Balance" section uses a doughnut chart to clearly and instantly visualize the distribution of income and expenses, making it easy for users to understand the clinic's financial performance at a glance. Distinct colors help differentiate the various expense categories, and the total profit is highlighted in the center of the chart. The "Patients" section features a bar chart displaying the distribution of patients by animal type over the past week.

This visualization allows for quick analysis of daily visits, enhancing the staff's ability to manage and plan resources. Both sections are designed to provide smooth navigation and quick access to essential information, improving the clinic's operational efficiency.


This screen highlights the intuitive UI/UX design for managing staff shifts across various departments. The "Departments" section is divided into three main categories: Emergency, General Medicine, and Internal Medicine. Each department displays shift times, accompanied by photos and names of the staff, facilitating immediate recognition of team members. Distinct colours for each time slot help differentiate work shifts, making scheduling visually clear and easy to understand.

This layout enhances operational efficiency by allowing staff to quickly view their shifts and those of their colleagues, promoting optimal human resource management within the clinic.



Find the easiest way to make the customer understand what product you are talking about and allow him to have all the information.


The result is optimising various intermediate steps by analyzing and tracking customer actions.


Veterinary clinics, practices, and hospitals.

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